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Post by Saki Fujimoto on Sat Nov 12, 2011 3:30 am

Hello there everyone! Welcome to AFOS Forums! Where 'AFOS' stands for "Anime Face Off Showdown". As you can see, no forum has no rules so here's ours.

You can see these rules above everything before you are allowed to post right? These are just the major rules applied to us by our Web Host, so we must avoid this at all times:
Any post containing the following elements and/or behaviors will be deleted without further notice: (Facebook Page and Forum Site)
>Sexual and/or pornographic content
>Hateful or abusive content
>Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
>Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any other illicit substance
>Copyright infringement / hacking
>Spam / phishing and/ or malware website
>Credit card fraud

Here are the original rules and must be followed at all times:

Member Communication Rules:
Arrow In order to maintain a safe play, nobody is allowed to post anything abusive against another member. If you have been offended by a post, try defending yourself and a Moderator will take charge and think through who gets the beacon.
Arrow Be respectful. Give respect to the Seitokai Members and Other Staff of the forum. You can’t be too respectful to me 'cause I'm okay with that.
Arrow Try not to play "The Smart One". Sometimes, it annoys people (including me). Also, Seitokai members, who are not used to that type of speech, may give you a warning.

Posting Rules:

Arrow Do not post anything "Ecchi"! (Hentai-yish posts) That includes links, images, videos and many more. We want this forums to be kid-friendly.
Arrow Posting in txtspk A.K.A. Shortcut Words and aLtErNaTeCaPs are not allowed. You do know that some members, especially does with blurry eyes, are not fond of reading these kind of posts even if the post is relatively important and popular. Vowels are free so don’t get angry! Smile
Arrow Off topic posts, disruptive behavior, spammers and bumpers are 100% not allowed! Keh, we do allow a post with one-liners. But make sure that it has sense. Ordinary "Hi's" and "Hello's" are not allowed. You do know what spams and bumps means in forums right? Please avoid doing that and also, do not post off topic posts. That’ll only disturb the flow of communications is threads and it might lead to a new thread. If that’s the case then we’ll split it and the person who started the off topic post might get a warning.
Arrow No illegal stuff! Please avoid posting any illegal links/videos/images/advertisements/solicitations/downloads/gaming roms/gaming emulators/music/scanned manga/anime episodes/selling and promoting products/other sites that compares AFOS and many more! However, short clips (incomplete) of any anime series and other related materials (like AMVs [amateur music videos using clips from anime]) are allowed.


Arrow The total size of all the combined images in your signature is limited to 500 pixels (length) x 200 pixels (height), and 150KB (animated or not). Text are also allowed in the signature. Remember, standard size only.

Arrow The maximum size of avatars is 120 x 120 pixels.
Arrow You can have at least 3 signatures only! Smile
Arrow Things not allowed for signatures and pictures are: porn images (ecchi or hentai), sexually explicit comments, erotic images, bashing of any religion, violence and/or discriminatory remarks. Always remember that.


Arrow No one is allowed to post/swear/use vulgar language. English, Japanese or otherwise. Of course, even censored ones with asterisks.
Arrow Do not impersonate other people! Most likely, you’ll do that so that the members will respect you, right? No you cannot do that. You can copy names of your favorite anime characters but do not tell other members that you are them. For example, Ritsu Tainaka [the Seitokai Fuku Kaicho] only copies the name but she is not really Ritsu. Well, yeah… They have the same surname, have the same personality and interests but she is not really Ritsu Tainaka from K-On! Apparently, her real name is (she just doesn’t want people to know it!) Saki Fujimoto is not my real name either! Do not impersonate people especially the Seitokai Members! That might ban you from the forums!
Arrow No guessing member game! Also known as no member is allowed to have multiple accounts. Once you have at least 2 or more accounts, leave it and focus on only one account. PM as about those accounts and we’ll take care of the rest!
Arrow You cannot change your username. PM either the Kaicho or Fuku Kaicho only when you want to change your username. You can change it 3 times only. In the PM, it must contain the following: Stating your reason why you wanted to change usernames and the EXACT FORMAT of the username.
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