Read Me First Before Posting :)

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Important Read Me First Before Posting :)

Post by Roxanne S. on Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:54 pm

Hello and Welcome to AFOS Forums Help Desk where we answer your concerns or problems in the forums!

Before posting any questions you have in mind, please be aware that there are FAQs and there’s the Student Hand Book. Make sure to look there because maybe, the answers you are searching for sleeping over there. That’ll also save time and effort on waiting for the Seitokai Members to reply.

Also please remember that the members who are willing to help are done voluntarily. They are not paid or bribed! If you want to return their kindness, we ask for the following below so that we won’t have any arguments:

- Please be respectful because if you are, the members who will help you would like you and maybe, you might gain some respect Very Happy
- Please be specific with your thread, especially the title. In order to have a clear conversation regarding the problem, you can post with specific title like “How do I use the Spoiler Button?” and so like those. Not like “Oh God! Please Help! Immediate Response Needed!” or others like “How do I do this?” and “HELP!!!”
- Please don’t spam. An easy one to follow because we answer questions from the earliest post to the latest post. That might make your question go a lot further!

That’s all! If you have any questions regarding this post, just PM me with your question. I’m okay with that! But you’d better expect a long time when I answer, I’m pretty busy. Smile Good luck!
Roxanne S.
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