Anime Face Maker V1.0

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Anime Face Maker V1.0

Post by Roxanne S. on Sat Dec 03, 2011 5:54 am

Hello there everyone! This is Roxanne, your Otaku Surrogate and Occidental Otaku!

This time, I'm providing everyone with an Anime Face Maker created by a deviantART user. geN8hedgehog!! Thanks dude for this awesome anime maker! Very Happy

Anyway, here it is!

Notes to save your image:
- Press Print Screen on your keyboard, then paste, to save your face.
- You are welcome to keep and use anything you make in this face maker. No need to ask my permission! You are also welcome to alter the face in a paint program.
- Do not copy, steal, or rip off this design, without first seeking my permission

To check anymore updates, just go to his deviantART account!
Roxanne S.
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