The Seitokai Members (Student Council Members)

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Attention! The Seitokai Members (Student Council Members)

Post by Saki Fujimoto on Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:55 pm

Here are the list of AFOS Seitokai Members and their duties in the AFOS Forums And Facebook Page. They are also considered as Administrators and Moderators so give them respect so that they would be willing to help you in any way they can.

Seitokai Kaicho 会長 (Student Council President)Saki Fujimoto
Arrow The Seitokai Kaicho AKA Kaicho for short is the one in-charge of the FORUMS. The Creator and also the modifier of AFOS. She is also considered as a Site Admin. You can PM her anything as long as it doesn’t contain nonsense messages like Hi’s and Hello’s. Likely, messages like those will be ignored. Remember that the Kaicho is always busy of maintaining AFOS updated so do not disturb her if you don’t have anything to say important.

Seitokai Fuku Kaicho 副会長 (Student Council Vice President)Ritsu Tainaka
Arrow The Fuku Kaicho is in-charge whenever our Kaicho is not around so you can PM her anytime. She also helps our Kaicho in AFOS. Her position is in AFOS Facebook, she may not be active in the forums everyday but you can still send her PMs. She is also a Site Admin.

Seitokai Hisho 秘書 (Student Council Secretary) – (No one is in this position yet)
Arrow Looking after the nominees and candidates is AFOS is the Hisho’s job. He is the one who is in charge of the elimination statuses every season. A Moderator.

Seitokai Kaikei 会計 (Student Council Treasurer) -- (No one is in this position yet)
Arrow Instead of collecting and organizing AFOS’ money, we gave him the position to collect comments and suggestions regarding AFOS’ performance. He got the most trusted position because he is the one who will count the votes, instead of money, of the candidates and determine who is the winner. A Moderator.

Seitokai Rekishi Gakusha 歴史学者 (Student Council Historian) – (No one is in this position yet)
Arrow The Rekichi Gakusha is the one in-charge of Archiving the files and keeping track of past images used in AFOS Tournaments. Also, he keeps the PVs used or makes them. A Moderator.

Seitokai Komisshona コミッショナー (Student Council Commissioner)Satoshi
Arrow The Kamisshona is the one in-charge of various projects done by AFOS. A Moderator.

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