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Recommended! Good and Bold Friendly Tournament

Post by Saki Fujimoto on Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:16 pm

Winter Season 2011-2012 First Batch Tournament!

Yui Hirasawa (K-On!) vs. Mato Kuroi (Black★Rock Shooter)

Both are great friends to be with. Helpful, loyal, bold, and funny at sometimes. Yui Hirasawa and Mato Kuroi battles out with everything they’ve got in the name of friendship. Yui and Mato are protagonists of different Anime but the same concept and that is all about how friends should teach each other. While Yui has this ordinary high school life with her new band mates, Mato has this extra-ordinary high school life as Black Rock Shooter.

An amateur guitar player yet plays very professional. A clueless person yet gets high grades in tests when she gets serious. Allergic to air condition, immune to heat strokes. This is Yui Hirasawa (平沢 結い), your amateur and professional lead guitarist of Sakuragaoka High music club, Houkago Tea Time. She never fails her friends even if she’s at her limit, except when it is very hot or cold, but she will never fail you, too. Her nonsense acts suits her best when you are lonely or sad, making you laugh will be her job and her sweet and touching words will sting your heart and comfort you ‘till you’re okay. She is the best image of a friend and the best one you’ll get. She may be silly but she’s unexpectedly warm and cuddly.

A hero in an another dimension and a great friend in our dimension. Mato Kuroi (黒い 的) will save you when you’re possessed by some evil wicked soul. As Black Rock Shooter in the other dimension, she saved her friend from the possession of Black Gold Saw. It may look like she has abandoned you when you see her speaking with other people but remember this, she’ll never forget and she values you like her heart, or even more precious than that. If you find yourself missing, she will search for you until the end of the world, or even at another dimension. You may turn into an evil wicked-sick fighter who despises her, she’ll save you and change your stars and be back to normal. Be it wherever, she’ll be with you and have fun with you in anyway.

Now that you met our competitors, it's your choice to vote! What shall you do or rephrasing it, whom shall you vote? Both are great friends to be with and not to mention, they’ll treasure you more than their own life. Vote for the person whom you like most and please note that you should vote fairly without any cheats! Cheating won’t help you and if you do cheat, it means that you’re really not a good friend in your very own way. So, vote now! Whose your ideal friend? The poll will run for a week! Vote until you can and see who advances to the Second Level!

Voting Ends in December 31 so Vote until then!

Saki Fujimoto
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