Seitokai Members, On The Way to Look Over You

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Attention! Seitokai Members, On The Way to Look Over You

Post by Ritsu Tainaka on Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:49 pm

Hello there! I think you have already read the Seitokai members. There are thing that you need to remember when arguing with someone in the forums. Make sure he/she is not a Seitokai Member!
How to know if the one you are speaking to is a Seitokai Member?

Easy, look at their rank. If you see a golden badge, he/she is a member of the Seitokai. It is not easy to miss because that golden badge is pretty big.

What is this Member’s Position?

Here’s what, I’m going to give you the Badge Guide with the images. The rank names are written in Japanese so you might become confuse.

This is the Kaicho's Badge A.K.A. Student Council President. Naturally, you must avoid argument with this person or you might be banned for good! But don't fear! She's quite friendly and understanding!

Fuku Kaicho Badge! A.K.A. Student Council Vice President! My position, I may not be in the forums all the time but I'll log in whenever I have free time!

Hisho Badge A.K.A. Student Council Secretary. This badge is worn with responsibility. This position is harder than the President's.

Kaikei Badge A.K.A. Student Council Treasurer. Don't let him get your money! That's not his task even if he's a treasurer!

Rekishi Gakusha A.K.A Student Council Historian. This guy know all about the past actions of AFOS so you can ask him about it!

Last but not the least:

The Komisshona Badge A.K.A. Student Council Commissioner. The ones in charge of the various projects AFOS will make!

Now you know and spot whom you are talking to. Good luck dealing with the Seitokai Members!
Ritsu Tainaka
Seitokai Fuku Kaicho 副会長

Ritsu Tainaka
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Seitokai Fuku Kaicho

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